MVBA Pre-Season Player Development Program

Our Pre-Season Training Program was designed to improve and prepare players of all levels for the upcoming season. We applied the same philosophy as the NBA teams, college basketball, and many top high school programs to help players develop and prepare for their season.

Two Ball Dribbling

Two ball dribbling drills can dramatically increase a player’s dribbling and ball handling abilities. It can also help a player to develop great one on one moves.  In the video to the right you can see a drill that we love to do at the beginning of the day as a daily warm-up.

Defensive Closeouts

Defensive closeouts could be one of the hardest skills to learn in the game of basketball.  In the video to the left we have our athletes practice this skill on a daily basis.  When we do this drill we try and teach the main keys to better close outs to help increase their defense.  We tell them to always be in their defensive stance, sprint to the ball, chop their steps towards defender, and keep both hands up.

Starts, Stops, and Turns

Daily fundamentals is a huge part of the MVBA culture.  This drill is a great way to quickly improve your balance, footwork, overall basketball skills and basic fundamentals too.


Attacking Off The Dribble

Attacking the basket off the dribble should be done aggressively and purposefully with technique, skill, creativity, and fundamentals.  This skill is part of our daily drills to help polish your scoring game and being a threat off the dribble.